‘The Shining’ Axe Sells for Over $200,000 at Movie Auction

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For the most part, Stephen King doesn’t trash adaptations of his work in public. As he’s said before, a bad adaptation doesn’t make his original book or story disappear. In the case of The Shining though, King has never been at a loss for unkind words.

It’s well-known that despite director Stanley Kubrick’s Shining film generally being considered one of the greatest horror films of all time, King thinks it’s a bad take on his novel, to put it mildly. Still, most continue to love it regardless of King’s opinion.

One of the better changes Kubrick’s film made to The Shining was having Jack Torrance swing around an axe instead of a huge croquet mallet, a much less intimidating weapon. Now, The Independent reports that Jack’s infamous axe has sold for $209,000.

The Shining

Sold at a movie-themed auction, the axe was indeed the same one Jack Nicholson used to smash down doors to get at his co-stars while filming some of The Shining’s greatest scenes. The axe ultimately sold for way more than it was expected to going in.

The fact that someone paid six figures for an axe shows just how much people love The Shining, even if King remains on the other side of the fence. There’s a reason this fall’s Doctor Sleep movie is in many ways also a direct sequel to Kubrick’s film.

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