The Secret Behind the Miniatures in ‘Hereditary’

Timothy RawlesArchitecture, Horror ArtLeave a Comment

Maybe you haven’t seen Hereditary yet, maybe you have, but one thing’s for sure, you know about the model “doll” house which plays a major part in this unsettling horror film.

Giving that away is not a spoiler since it’s literally on the one-sheet.

But it’s recommended that you go into Hereditary knowing as little as possible in order to fully enjoy that not so fresh feeling you’ll get when the credits roll. So read cautiously ahead as there are some spoilers in the following video.

Recently Business Insider talked to the CEO of Canada’s Applied Arts FX Studio, Steve Newburn, who provided the scale models made by Toni Collette’s character Annie.

Some people think the models are just as important as the actors in the film and add to the film’s shuddersome edginess.

In the following video, Newburn gives us an inside look at these forboding abodes in miniature including why you will never be able to find one in case you’re a movie memorabilia collector.

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