Hey, technology is a scary/cool thing, right guys? The amount of personal info we put out everyday is kinda staggering. And if our ‘friends’ at Facebook are not taking care of our data it makes ya wonder what the bad dudes in the shadows are doing with all of it. The first trailer for Searching delves deep into the LED lit corners of the interwebs to give us a look at the other side of the social media trend coin.

John Cho stars as a father who is on the search for his daughter. In order to locate her he has to travel down a rabbit hole of social media truths that makes him wonder if he even really knew who she was.

We like what we see so far, and its always good to see our boy John Cho in anything. Guess we will have to wait till Searching drops into theaters this August to see if it lives up to the trailer.

Give the trailer a looksee and tell us what you guys think!