The Ring 3 Gets Release Date For 2015

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Another highly anticipated horror sequel is on the way this year as this one comes to us from 2002’s highly successful “The Ring”. Originally stemming from the Japanese version, “Ringu”, which came first in 1998; and then americanized for the United States five years later. In the American remake directed by Gore Verbinski, A young journalist, Naomi Watts, investigates a mysterious videotape which seems to cause the death of anyone in a week of viewing it. The young actress, Daveigh Chase scared up viewers with her outstanding performance as the tortured Samara. Three years later, a sequel came much less to the disappointment of many, as it didn’t seem to measure up to the first.





The 2015 reboot simply entitled “Rings”, and as announced on the The Wrap, the lead goes out to a fairly new Italian actress named Matilda Lutz. Rings gives us the return of the deadly Samara and a new video tape full of beastly shenanigans for anyone who views it. Honestly, I can’t tell you if this is a reboot, sequel, or from IMDB, (which whose sources I considerably question all the time) claims to be a prequel. Plot details have been kept tightly under wraps so as any new information comes to us, we will be sure to give it to you! Director F. Javier Gutierrez takes on Rings, after being long attached to “The Crow” remake, which as it seems in recent news has fallen to pieces entirely. As we announced recently here on iHorror that Friday the 13th will be pushed back another year, Rings takes the slated place of coming to theaters in F13’s original spot of November 13th, 2015.

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