“The Ring 3” Finds Its Director

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Twelve years after The Ring did for videos what Jaws did for beaches, and nine years after its disappointing sequel, the franchise is finally looking to crawl up out of development hell and make a return to theaters.

As reported by Variety, Paramount Pictures has hired relatively unknown filmmaker F. Javier Gutierrez to direct the as-yet untitled third film in the series. Gutierrez is also on board to helm the reboot of The Crow, so perhaps studios see a revivalist quality in this director—someone who can breathe new life into long-dormant franchises.

Story and casting details are still unknown at this time, but rumors and conjecture about a third movie (possibly filmed in 3D) have been floating around the Internet since the release of The Ring Two in 2005. Whether or not these rumors will turn out to be correct remains to be seen. The Ring features a cursed video which brings death to its viewers exactly one week after watching it. Since The Ring Two began to steer the story away from the video, and since videotapes are largely obsolete in 2014, it is hard to say where they will take the story for the new film. Watch these pages for more details as they develop!