The ‘Revenge Of Slashback Video’ Strikes In Burbank

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As well, Slashback features a number of extraordinary pieces by horror art in the style of VHS boxes and the like. Titles like SAWScream, The Prowler and more recreated with custom covers and 3D effects. All available to own if you wish to update your decor.

And like last year, there were a number of original boxes and cases for VHS versions of more recent films and cases for movies that are unfortunately non-existent, but look awesome!

The biggest highlight of this year being the “WELCOME TO PRIME-TIME, B*#C%!” display. A lifelike recreation of Freddy Krueger’s classic TV kill from A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors complete with a static-y screen, clawed hands, and Freddy’s ‘rabbit-eared’ head!

All that aside, it’s just fun to walk the seemingly endless aisles and look at the covers of horror VHS of yore. Works of art in cardboard or otherwise to tantalize our imagination and try to hook us into renting them. Of course, this being a gallery, we can only look wiht our eyes, not our hands!

So if you want to travel back in time to the glory days of video stores of before streaming, then go to Burbank and experience The Revenge Of Slashback Video through December! Now featuring a theme song from the band, Creature Feature!

*All photos by Jacob Davison

Jacob Davison is Los Angeles based horror writer, Eye On Horror co-host, and lover of all things genre. He collects nearly as many movies as he has watched.