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The ‘Revenge Of Slashback Video’ Strikes In Burbank

by Jacob Davison

Last year, Slashback Video struck ground once again. An art exhibit like no other. A recreation of an old-school video store with hundreds of vintage VHS tapes on display along with custom boxes, props, and even an arcade cabinet. The best part? It was all horror themed! But like any good horror franchise from the 80’s, it’s got a sequel.

Situated in Burbank, California in the Bearded Lady’s Mystic Museum, and presented alongside Blumhouse’s Ryan Turek with sponsorship from Fright-Rags, Creepy Co., Phantom CarriageMixtape Massacre, Fangoria, Bill Neil, and Scream Factory. The opening gala was Saturday, September 8th with a massive crowd of fans making a line that went around the block! This year, Slashback Video expanded, taking over an even larger portion of The Mystic Museum to properly display even more tapes than ever before along with some surprising and fun additions.

Slashback Video Mascot TAPEFACE welcomes guests.


Like any good video store, Slashback expanded its stock to include all the latest advances in home video technology anyone could want. Including a brand new video game corner with such horror classics as Friday The 13thA Nightmare On Elm Street, and Godzilla on NES!

Like last year, the SPLATTERHOUSE arcade cabinet is available to play for the cost of a mere quarter. For old-school side-scrolling gory action, a great deal!

And next to that, Slashback now features a kid’s aisle for younger horror fans or those that just really enjoy more lighthearted animated terror.

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