One of the most surprisingly popular horror franchises to come out of the current decade is Blumhouse Productions’ The Purge. The basic premise is simple but very intriguing, if given 12 hours a year to commit crimes without fear of consequences, how far would people go?

In the dystopian America found in The Purge films, the answer to that question is most often murder, lots and lots of murder. Personally, I think more people would be stealing expensive cars and big screen TVs, but admittedly, that wouldn’t be nearly as suspenseful a scenario.

There have so far been four Purge installments, three of which were written and directed by series creator/mastermind James DeMonaco. The overall franchise has earned more than $450 million worldwide, on production budgets so far never exceeding $13 million.

Based on that success, Blumhouse brought The Purge to TV this year, airing on USA Network. While reviews weren’t good, audiences didn’t care, turning the series into USA’s top-rated drama. Now, Deadline reports that it’s officially been renewed for a second season.

The Purge was originally advertised as a 10-episode “event series,” so it’s unclear at present if season 2 will directly continue the story presented in season 1, and follow its characters. If it doesn’t though, there seem to be no shortage of other narrative avenues to explore.