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‘The Purge’ TV Series Drops New Trailer For Comic-Con

by Timothy Rawles

Comic-Con is giving us more horror related news this year than perhaps ever before. On Saturday during a panel for The Purge, they made it known that nothing was off the table.

“For the next 58 minutes all questions will be legal,” the monitors in the room read according to IGN.

The large panel was there to discuss the television series based on the popular movies, and they screened a new trailer for the show for eager attendees which you can watch below, but first a few details.

The TV show takes place a decade after The First Purge which opened in theaters earlier this month on July 4.

The show will serendipitously bring a group of people together who must decide what to do on this night when anything goes including murder.

Movie and series co-creator James DeMonaco explained how the show fits into The Purge universe as a 10-episode stand-alone, meaning you don’t have to be familiar with the theatrical films’ storylines in order to watch the TV show.

“We see how this society exists within the Purge landscape, how people act towards each other in this world,” said DeMonaco. “It’s a much more polite society. … And also questions we’ve been asked. What happens in hospitals on Purge night [for example].”

Showrunner and Executive Producer Thomas Kelly added, “One of the ideas James and I had was taking this rock-solid premise and just get to do so much more,” he said. “We get to see how the decisions these characters make outside the Purge are [affected by the Purge].”

Fiona Dourif plays a sort of church bus cult leader who helps people commit suicide on Purge night but also councils her flock after picking one of them to sacrifice to Purgers outside the bus who are hungry for blood.

And if it’s violence you want, it’s violence you’ll get. There will be something called “The Bloody Nun,” which may tie into the minds of some of the writers on the show who were altar boys reports IGN.

The Purge TV show will premiere on September 4, 2018, on the USA network.


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