This PS4 ALIEN Controller Is One Bad MU/TH/UR

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XQGaming is diving into the world of ALIEN with a pretty awesome ALIEN COVENANT themed PS4 controller. The team has teased some images in the past few weeks. Now we get a full look at its Xenomorphic majesty in this teaser trailer.

The trailer boasts the details of the controller’s design, which features some cool green LED lights under the D pad, some ALIEN inspired texture molding, slashes that reveal the iconic acid blood and a cool looking Xenomorph front and center.

The trailer announces a May 18 release date. reports the cost will be around $1,900 upon release but those details don’t seem to be set in stone just yet.

This is too rich for my acidic blood, but I do love the design on this sucker. Hoping Gamestop and Thinkgeek are paying attention. Maybe if they lifted a finger or two, they could get this into mass production for a lot less money. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.

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