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The history of horror is full of examples of just how creepy kids can be, whether they’re possessed by demons, mesmerized by ghosts, or just plain psychotic. Damien from The Omen being possibly the best example.

Kid villains can be quite fun, because by nature, most people would have a hard time attacking or defending themselves against a child. This makes adults (especially parents) quite vulnerable to these diminutive devils.

Coming to theaters on February 8th is The Prodigy, a new horror film from Orion Pictures. In it, Taylor Schilling plays a mom who comes to believe that her own creepy kid might just be under the influence of the supernatural.

Miles, the tyke in question, is played by Jackson Robert Scott, who played Georgie in the IT remake. Schilling is best known for her work on Netflix’s Orange is the New Black. Check out the trailer for The Prodigy below.

Well, under the influence of something malevolent or not, Miles is for sure one unsettling little bastard. One wonders what he plans to do with that wrench he’s seen carrying in school, but it’s definitely not anything good.

You also might have spotted Colm Feore in there as Miles’ therapist, an actor it’s always nice to see. He’s been in lots of things, but his best role was probably as villain Andre Linoge in Stephen King’s Storm of the Century.