As the end of 2018 draws near, it’s important to celebrate the holidays in the most horror-friendly ways possible. It’s okay to love Christmas, but as horror fans, it’s still our responsibility to spice things up with the macabre.

Fox’s hilarious new holiday animated short offers a great opportunity to do that, sending the titular creature from this summer’s film The Predator on a bloody new hunt involving the normally happy denizens of the North Pole.

Unfortunately, the short – entitled simply The Predator Holiday Special – may quite possibly entertain many fans more than the film The Predator did, as Shane Black‘s effort proved to be quite divisive among diehards.

Personally, I liked it well enough, but not more than any of the other Predator movies. Anyway, those who didn’t see it can check it out on DVD, Blu-Ray and digital now, and check out the full holiday short directly below.

My only real complaint about that short is just how short it actually is. I could’ve easily gone for a few more minutes of animated Predator carnage, machine gun-toting reindeer, angry Santa, and elves losing their minds.

You also gotta love that gag at the end, with the Predator creatures having gifted Santa Claus an Easter basket containing a Xenomorph egg. If a facehugger pops out to get Santa, Christmas is taking a dark turn.