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‘The Platform’ Trailer is a Claustrophobic Nightmare

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Fantastic Fest 2019 was full of treats. One of those treats came in the form of the claustrophobic, terrifying examination of class warfare, The Platform.

Much like Vincenzo Natali‘s, Cube, The Platform begins with a dude that wakes in a living nightmare not certain how he got there. He learns that in order to survive the has to adhere to a set of bizarre rules.

The official synopsis goes like this:

Inside a vertical prison system, inmates are assigned to a level and forced to ration food from a platform that moves between the floors. Directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia, The Platform is a twisted social allegory about mankind at its darkest and hungriest.

It is a seriously great film. Tons of brutality and gore, and it somehow never lets up. Make sure to give it a look when it drops on Netflix March 20.

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