‘The People Under the Stairs,’ Sean Whalen to Star in Vampire Film

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We all remember Roach from Wes Craven’s The People Under the Stairs, right? Well, you better. It was one of Craven’s best and somehow most underrated films. Sean Whalen who played the character of the creepy, and somehow lovable Roach is now set to lead up a “vampire thriller.”

Beneath Us All centers on foster child, Julie who on her way to her 18th birthday discovers something deadly buried in the woods.

Deadline reports, Whalen is set to play “a step father who struggles with gambling problems” in the film.

Beneath Us All also stars, Maria Olsen (Paranormal Activity 3), Yan Birch (Agramon’s Gate), Kaiti Wallen (Eternal Code), Vida Ghaffari (The Mindy Project).

It’s always great to see Whalen pop in stuff. His work in the Pauly Shore lead, Jury Duty was pretty good and illustrates his range in both comedy and creepiness.

For those who haven’t seen The People Under the Stairs yet, please go and do that. It’s Craven at his most bizarre and wonderful. The synopsis for the film goes like this:

Two adults and a juvenile break into a house occupied by a brother and sister and their stolen children. There, they must fight for their lives.

Excited to see Whalen in a vampire film? Let us know in the comments section.

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