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‘The Pale Door’ Trailer Pits Cowboys Against Witches

by Trey Hilburn III
The Pale Door

A couple of the guys behind Scare Package are bringing us The Pale Door, a horror-western that pits a group of cowboys up against the forces of the supernatural, and boy are we here for it.

Aaron B. Koontz (Scare Package, Camera Obscura) and Cameron Burns, the a fore mentioned team behind Scare Package team up with the legendary Joe R. Lansdale (Bubba Ho-Tep, Cold in July). This time to tell the tale of a gang of robbers that have to tango with wolves and witches in the very awesome sounding The Pale Door.

The official synopsis for the film goes like this:

In THE PALE DOORthe Dalton gang finds shelter in a seemingly uninhabited ghost town after a train robbery goes south. Seeking help for their wounded leader, they are surprised to stumble upon a welcoming brothel in the town’s square. But the beautiful women who greet them are actually a coven of witches with very sinister plans for the unsuspecting outlaws – and the battle between good and evil is just beginning.

RLJE Films/Shudder is unleashing this bad boy in theaters, On Demand and Digital on Aug. 21. So get your six-shooters and popcorn ready pilgrims. Also, if you haven’t seen Scare Package yet, give check it out, it’s currently streaming on Shudder.

Check out the full trailer in director, Aaron B. Koontz’s Tweet below.

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