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‘The Outsider:’ A Look at the New Stephen King Series

by Mike Joyce
Ben Mendelsohn and Jason Bateman in "The Outsider"

To assure fans there’s life after “Game of Thrones,” HBO just released a preview of its 2019/2020 lineup. The preview includes “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Deadwood,” “Watchmen,” “Big Little Lies,” and a first look at “The Outsider.”

Based on the 2018 Stephen King novel, the series will star Ben Mendelsohn and Jason Bateman, with Bateman directing the first two episodes. You can watch the preview below, with “The Outsider” appearing at the 1:34 mark:


Here’s the show’s synopsis from The Hollywood Reporter:

“‘The Outsider’ centers on a seemingly straightforward investigation into the gruesome murder of a local boy that leads a seasoned cop and an unorthodox investigator to question everything they believe to be real, as an insidious supernatural force edges its way into the case.”

Mendelsohn plays Detective Ralph Anderson, and Cynthia Erivo plays private investigator Holly Gibney. Erivo’s character also appears in King’s “Mr. Mercedes,” and her character is played by Justine Lupe in the DirecTV series. The cast also includes Mare Winningham, Bill Camp, Paddy Considine and Julianne Nicholson. I haven’t seen it confirmed anywhere yet, but it looks like Batemen’s character is getting arrested. Maybe he’s playing Terry Maitland, the popular Little League coach who becomes the first suspect.

“The Outsider” doesn’t have a premiere date yet, but the first episode will likely air sometime in 2020.

Are you looking forward to watching “The Outsider?” Let us know in the comments.

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