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‘The Others’ Remake In the Works From Universal Pictures

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In a surprise twist, The Others is getting a remake according to Deadline. The 2001 supernatural horror film starring Nicole Kidman was a money-maker for Dimension Films and now Universal is partnering with Sentient Entertainment to bring audiences an updated version.

This past April, Sentient acquired the rights to the film of which Universal has now chosen to option.

Alejandro Amenabar directed the original about a war-torn family isolated in a giant mansion that can’t bear sunlight due to a rare disease.

For those wondering who would be interested in a 20-year-old movie burdened with a major spoiler everyone knows, Deadline says:

“The plan is to reinvent and modernize the story and we understand the project is already attracting significant interest from A-list talent and studio backers.”

They add:

“It is unknown how much this film will take from the original storyline. Insider say execs are meeting with writers to adapt the script.”

The Others, in its original run, made over $200 million theatrically worldwide. Not only did audiences get a well-acted movie with major star-power they were treated to a twist ending that few saw coming.

The film went on to win many awards including seven Goyas; Spain’s major film award. It was the first time an English-speaking film had taken home a Goya in the Best Picture category.