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It’s considered one of the best and most influential horror films ever made, the film that’s most often cited for kicking off the entire American slasher movement.  It launched the careers of John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis, and solidified the character of Michael Myers as one of the most iconic and feared bogeymen in cinema history.  And this year, Halloween turns 35 years old.

In celebration, Anchor Bay just this week released a 35th Anniversary Blu-ray of the film, a digibook affair that includes a booklet full of photos and essays, and boasts a couple brand new special features that include an audio commentary by Carpenter and Curtis as well as a documentary chronicling Curtis’ trip to the HorrorHound convention earlier this year – her first ever horror convention appearance, which was also billed as her last.  Needless to say, despite the fact that the film has been released onto Blu-ray once in the past, it’s a must own disc for all hardcore fans.

But what if you want to see Michael Myers slash up young flesh on the big screen, rather than on your television screen?  Screenvision has got ya covered!

Celebrating the 35th anniversary of the film in their own way, Screenvision will be releasing Halloween back into movie theaters next month, at select theaters around the country.  Kicking off in early October and running through Halloween night, the theatrical re-release will be the widest distribution the film has seen since its original release back in 1978.  A big deal?  I’d say so!

Being presented in the form of a new HD transfer, the film will be joined by an exclusive documentary short called You Can’t Kill the Boogeyman: 35 Years of Halloween.  Directed by Justin Beahm, the documentary covers the incredible impact the film has had on both the genre and pop culture at large.


As if all that wasn’t enough to light your Jack O’Lantern, both Halloween 4 and Halloween 5 have also been added to the fun, in some locations playing alongside the first film and at others playing individually, on separate nights.  The dates and specifics vary from theater to theater.

Hundreds of theaters across the country are taking part in this exciting re-release, and you’ll have to check Screenvision’s website to find the location nearest you.  So head over there to find out when/if the films are coming to your next of the woods this Halloween season, and you’ll also be able to purchase tickets while you’re there!

I leave you with a pretty awesome video, the audio of which was filmed inside a Hollywood Boulevard movie theater, way back in 1979.  Halloween was re-released into theaters that year, and one clever fan recorded the audience’s reaction to the film, which he recently inserted over top of the corresponding scenes and uploaded to YouTube.  Check it out, for a little taste of what you just might experience in your theater, next month!

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