The Omen is Being Remade Again, Because the Devil Demands Another Omen Remake

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Ah, remember the good old days, when our favorite horror movies would get remade only once? Nowadays, a failed remake essentially ensures that a second remake is going to come in its wake, and that’s precisely the treatment 1976’s satanic classic The Omen is about to receive.

Despite the fact that it was remade a mere eight years ago, Bloody Disgusting reports today that Twentieth Century Fox is looking to bring Damien back to the big screen, according to what their sources have told them. The Omen: The Remake: Take 2 is currently being developed by Fox and Platinum Dunes, with no word yet on plot details.

What’s most interesting about the news is that we recently learned former Walking Dead show-runner Glen Mazzara is developing a spin-off Omen TV series for Lifetime, which will essentially serve as a sequel to the original film. The series will show us what Damien is up to in the present day, as a full-grown adult who’s presumably more devilish than ever.

So yea. An Omen sequel TV series and ANOTHER Omen remake. Because why not, right?

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