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It’s kinda crazy when one stops to think how much of a mini-industry The Conjuring franchise has become for Warner Bros. Made on a budget of only $20 million, James Wan’s demonic possession chiller went on to gross more than $300 million worldwide.

The Conjuring of course featured a short subplot involving possessed doll Annabelle, who became so popular that the decision was made to give her a spinoff in 2014. Personally, I thought that movie sucked, but lots of people didn’t, and it made huge bank.

The Conjuring 2 arrived in 2016, and went on to achieve almost as much critical and commercial success as the original. Then, last year saw David F. Sandberg’s Annabelle: Creation arrive, kick ass, and redeem the idea of Conjuring spinoffs.

That all brings us to this coming fall, when Warner Bros. will unleash The Conjuring’s third spinoff on audiences. Entitled simply The Nun, this film focuses on Valak, the demon who tormented Lorraine Warren throughout The Conjuring 2.

WB has just released the first teaser trailer for The Nun, nearly a year after it was first shown to attendees at San Diego Comic-Con. Damn, that’s one long freakin’ wait. Anyway, check it out directly below.

Pretty cool, right? Sadly, it’s only a teaser, so it didn’t reveal much about the plot, which was previously confirmed to revolve around a priest and two nuns that are dispatched by The Vatican to investigate a suicide at a Romanian monastery.

The Nun spooks theaters on September 7th, and stars American Horror Story’s Taissa Farmiga, sister to Conjuring star Vera. Corin Hardy – who recently waved goodbye to The Crow remake – directs, from a script by Annabelle: Creation’s Gary Dauberman.