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‘The Nun’ Strikes Fear into the Box Office, Setting Conjuring Franchise Record

by Michael Carpenter

Ever since director James Wan’s The Conjuring possessed the box office in 2013, a steady stream of Conjuring franchise sequels and spinoffs have arrived to delight horror lovers. The latest addition to the growing mythos is The Nun, which centers on Conjuring 2 villain Valak.

Projections going into the weekend were that The Nun were perform very well, but the film ended up exceeding expectations, easily claiming the top spot with a $53.5 million domestic haul. Foreign audiences added another $77.5 million, for a worldwide total of $131 million.

The Nun’s domestic opening smashed through the previous record for best Conjuring franchise opening, which was held by the original film with $41.8 million. It’s also the second-best September opening ever, right behind 2017’s blockbuster adaptation of IT.

This is all despite critics being quite unkind to director Corin Hardy’s movie, awarding The Nun a measly 28% on Rotten Tomatoes. Thankfully, most horror fans tend to think for themselves, and not just blindly follow the mainstream viewpoint on films.

After this level of success, one can almost feel comfortable placing a bet on Valak being featured in another solo effort down the road. The next scheduled entry in The Conjuring franchise comes next summer with Annabelle 3, written and directed by Gary Dauberman.

The Nun

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