‘The Nun’ Director Gives Update, New Cast Members Announced

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Following the success of The Conjuring 2, excitement about the spin-off film The Nun is in full swing. And if you’ve already boarded this decrepit hype train, then today could be described as nothing short of “holy”.

Director Corin Hardy took to his Twitter account earlier today to post an update on the filming process – and the update is that it will begin this week. This comes in the form of a humorous picture of the director inside a coffin, signifying that Hardy is clearly already having fun with the project.

The film is set for release on Friday the 13th of June 2018. Judging from Hardy’s post, this should be an easy deadline to meet. This week the filming will take place in Romania – home of none other than the infamous Vlad the Impaler. Bloody good, indeed!

But that isn’t the only update on The Nun that we have gotten today. Game of Thrones star Charlotte Hope has just climbed aboard the project, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. The website adds that Hope will play the role of a character named “Sister Victoria, a nun haunted by a demonic presence.” What’s that chill running up your back? Excitement? Fear? Both?

Jonas Bloquet will always be joining the cast in a yet-to-be disclosed role. The two newcomers will join Taissa Farmiga of American Horror Story fame as the titular Nun and Demián Bichir, who also has a role in the highly-anticipated Alien: Covenant. He is perhaps most recognized for his fairly recent role in the critically-acclaimed The Hateful Eight.



If you haven’t done so already, it’s highly recommended that you check out Hardy’s 2015 film The Hallow. The man is immensely talent and has a natural flair for directing, as evidenced by the aforementioned film.

We’ll keep you updated on all things The Nun at iHorror.com. See you soon!

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