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‘The Notch’ a New Novel from Director Tom Holland Coming in June 2020

by Waylon Jordan
The Notch

Legendary horror director Tom Holland (Fright Night) is tackling a brand new form of storytelling with a novel set for release in June 2020. The Notch is available for pre-order from Cemetery Dance publishers for a limited printing of only 1000 copies.

The synopsis of the 480 page book from its listing on the Cemetery Dance website reads:

Joe Arachro pulled to a halt on a small hillock, looking across the expanse as it rose up into a sudden flat top butte. There was another jagged butte tilting at an angle next to the mesa, not as wide or long. It was like they just appeared from nowhere, dropped down here in the middle of the desert. And in the shimmering glare in the notch between these two buttes, a ten-year-old boy walked out of the sun, surrounded by the blazing rays.

The boy doesn’t speak, but he has startling powers: he heals a young girl’s torn cuticle, and later erases all damage to a man’s badly burnt hand, and it seems there’s no limit to the miracles he can perform. After a dog gets run over by a car, the boy apparently brings the animal back to life, and a video of the event goes viral. Suddenly everybody has an idea of who the boy is, and what he might do for them — and it’s a race against time to see who can get to the boy first and gain control over him.

In the wrong hands, the boy’s powers could be catastrophic.

Each of the 1000 copies of this one time limited edition printing of The Notch will be signed on a special signature page within the novel. Remarkably this special edition of the novel is priced at only $40!

To read more specifications on the books production and to pre-order your copy of The Notch CLICK HERE!

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