The Night Ripper - Puppet Combo

Puppet Combo’s video game The Night Ripper puts you in the role of the final girl as you try to survive the night through the impoverished streets of 1989 New York with a serial killer following your every move. And it’s only $5 to download!

In this retro-stylized survival game you play Rachel after she finishes her late night shift. Walking home she discovers the police searching for a masked killer, they have cordoned off her normal route, therefore she must – as most final girls do- go into dark areas alone armed only with panic and adrenaline.

She meets a variety of characters on her midnight trek, and picks up some useful tools that may help her if confronted by the killer, but it’s her dexterity and level-headedness that will ultimately get her through the night.

The Night Ripper will remind players of the late nights they stayed up with their old school consoles playing “first person sneakers” like GTA.

Puppet Combo says the game is not only an homage to a great genre but it revisits the developer’s coding roots.

Markus Bülow

“The Night Ripper is a return to form for Puppet Combo. In 2015, I drifted away from the low-poly 5th gen look towards high-res, modern graphics. The idea being that my games should look more like actual movies than PS1 games. “

The developer released the fully playable game last year.

Spending $5 on their Patreon account, you can download the alpha version and, “receive a DRM free full version and will be receiving keys wherever the game is available. Hopefully on Steam and other platforms.”

Artist Markus Bülow created the cool 80’s VHS packaging to promote the game.