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The Next ‘Wrong Turn’ Film Has Wrapped Shooting

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Time to venture yonder into those boonies again, you guys. The latest offering from the Wrong Turn franchise has officially wrapped shooting.

The shoot sounds like it was intense judging from director, Mike P. Nelson’s Instagram update. A twenty-six day shoot involving ‘long nights, moldy caverns, moss covered boulders and skulls doesn’t sound like an ideal way to spend your time but is all in the name of the Wrong Turn cause.

The last three months have been absolutely insane. I can’t wait to show you all what we have been creating. Movie #2 blessed me yet again with such an amazing crew and a cast that carried the weight of this beast. Long nights in the woods, moldy caverns, moss covered boulders and skulls was our world for the hasty and dense 26 day shoot. This project was also special as it reunited me with my good friend, DP and collaborator @njunkersfeld. Over the last 10 years Nick and I have been creating madness in Minnesota and I cannot wait to show you the madness we have created in Ohio with this one. Now onto the edit!

This time around our group of victims… err, I mean hikers become lost and come face to face with a new group of backwood psycho’s.

The good news here is that it sounds like this is business as usual. We don’t require a complex story in our Wrong Turn diet. Give us some gory gags, some young folks who get lost as heck and some insane looking backwood mutant murderers. Easy.

It also really helps that Nelson’s last film, The Domestics was itself an intensely gory road movie. If you haven’t seen that one yet, I highly recommend it. It’s post apocalyptic survival insanity. 

Are you guys excited to take a Wrong Turn again? Let us know in the comments section.

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