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Even though Andy Muschietti’s It won critics and the box office over last year making 2017 one of the best years in recent memory for the horror genre, there were some movies that audiences hated so much they were nominated for a Razzie Award.

The Razzies, short for Golden Raspberry, are mock awards that are given out during Oscar season for their “worst” films of the year, but that is a matter of opinion. Perhaps not surprisingly, the Cruise infused action/effects bloated The Mummy was at the top of their list sweeping almost every category including The Worst Movie of the Year.

Only Transformers: The Last Knight was hated more.

The Mummy was supposed to re-spark the studio’s classic monster series for its Dark Universe collective, but it ended up killing the project entirely.

The film swept through a lot of Razzie territory including Worst Remake, Tom Cruise as Worst Actor, Russel Crowe as Worst Supporting Actor, and Sofia Boutella as Worst Supporting Actress.

It doesn’t stop there; It’s nominated for Worst Screenplay and Alex Kurtzman as Worst Director.

Although The Mummy bypassed the Worst Actress category, another horror movie filled its place; Jennifer Lawrence in mother!

The Razzies will be announced on March 3.