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‘The Matrix’ In 4DX Plugs You Into The Movie For Its 20th Anniversary

by Jacob Davison
The Matrix

Hard to believe it has been 20 years since the world was introduced to Keanu Reeves as hacker turned savior, ‘Neo’ and the idea that the world as we knew it wasn’t even real. The anime inspired sci-fi action classic has since become a tentpole in popular culture and building a franchise of films with a new sequel on the way. To commemorate the anniversary, The Matrix has been re-released in 4DX to truly immerse viewers into the film.

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Considering the premise of The Matrix revolving around our sense of reality and how are senses are manipulated, seeing the film in such an FX laden format makes for an unforgettable experience. The seats move with the choreography and can be quite the roller coaster ride once you get to the helicopter and hovercraft scenes. As well, when Neo does aerial combat with Agents and other baddies. There’s also water spouts for the rain scenes and fans for high-paced scenes. One of my personal favorite effects being that whenever bullets whizz by or are dodged by Neo, bursts of air seem to jet across your head, putting you right into the action.

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The immersion truly adds to the experience, especially if you haven’t seen the film in some time. I don’t think I had watched The Matrix since it came out in 1999 and aside some airings on TV so it was a real treat to rewatch on the big screen. I can’t believe I forgot how great a movie it was! The SFX mostly hold up and with his recent John Wick acclaim, Keanu Reeves still stands out. If it’s been awhile since you’ve seen it, or you missed out on seeing the film in theaters, I would highly recommend taking the red pill, jumping through the mirror, and experience The Matrix in 4DX.

Image via IMDB

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