‘The Lost Boys’ Pilot Denied by CW, Will Get Another Chance

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The CW has opted not to pick up the reboot of horror cult classic The Lost Boys, at least not the version that was pitched to the network in May.

But the project is not completely dead in the water, the network would like to see a re-worked version and then will consider whether or not to move forward.

The rejection left many actors associated with the project looking for a job with the exception of Medalion Rahimi and Dakota Shapiro whose contracts have been extended and will get a second chance at a restructured pilot.

CW chiefs were adamant about getting Rob Thomas to pen the initial script but he was busy writing the newest season of Veronica Mars for Hulu. He does serve as producer.

An initial script by Heather Mitchell left the network brass curious but not unenthused because “not all elements in the pilot came together in the execution, including casting,” reports Deadline.

The reboot would follow a similar narrative as the ’87 original wherein two brothers Michael and Sam relocate with their mother to the seaside town of Santa Carla after the death of their father.

Little do they know the town is bustling with a colony of rebellious vampires whose leader named David (Shapiro) bullies Michael into joining his clan of teenage-looking bloodsuckers.

Rahimi will play Stella, the love interest of both David and Michael.

The reworked pilot is reportedly being shot at the end of the year.

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