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The Lighthouse, Joker, Underwater and Everything Coming to Amazon in April

by Trey Hilburn III

April is going to be a pretty great month for Amazon Prime. Of course, what is good for Amazon Prime is great for its customers. Especially its horror loving customers.

April sees a lot of really great stuff dropping into Prime’s lineup. Some eclectic stuff too. For example, Will Smith’s post apocalyptic I Am Legend, the spooky, Paranormal Activity 3 and even some dinosaurs in The Lost World.

More recent titles for Robert Egger’s The Lighthouse and the aquatic horror roller coaster, Underwater are also coming to fill our hours. Oh yea and don’t forget about Oscar-winning behemoth, Joker.

I’m also really most excited about Terry Gilliam’s The Brothers Grimm. We are sure to see a wave of Twitter posts start up talking about how this is such an underrated gem. Cause it seriously is.

It stars Matt Damon and the late, great Heath Ledger who play Will and Jake Grimm. It begins with the two bros going from village to village conning people out of their money by means of hoax. All that changes when they have a run in with an actual supernatural horror. It’s a great bit of fun that focuses on the brothers and the folklore that their work was built on.

A couple of the titles hitting Amazon Prime are only available to stream through Prime Channel HBO. So, if you don’t have that as part of your plan you would need it to access a couple of these.

Check out the list below and let us know what title you are most excited about watching in the comments section.

I Am Legend (4/1)
IT: Chapter 2 (4/10) Prime Video Channel HBO
Joker (4/16) Prime Video Channel HBO
Paranormal Activity 3 (4/20)
The Brothers Grimm (4/1)
The Lighthouse (4/16)


The Lost World (4/1)
The Turning – available for purchase (4/7), available for rent (4/21)
Underwater – available for purchase (4/7), available for rent (4/21)

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