The Lightgun Makes a Return to PS4 and Xbox One

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Most of us remember the first to the plate and addictive Duck Hunt and lightgun combo, right? When Nintendo first hit the shelves a bundle was available that included Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt and Stadium Events (if you also purchased the Powerpad). Nights spent shooting at digital, dodgy-ducks was common place back then.

In recent years however, the lightgun has sort of gone the way of the dinosaur or the Powerglove. Arcades still offer the thrill of shooting at zombies, aliens, etc… but home consoles, not so much.

Well, the folks at PDP are trying to change that and bring lightguns back into the home console arena with the new MARS arcade-style lightgun system titled lightcon .

Each of these are sold in bundles that include a lightgun, camera system and a game, but can also be purchased individually for their respective price. At launch Mars will offer Big Buck Hunter: Arcade, Voyage of the Dead and Quibit’s Quest.

Set for a launch on Nov. 1, the Mars will come with an extra lightgun if you pre-order now.

The MARS is set to launch on PS4 and Xbox One.

What do you guys think? Think the lightgun could make a come back? Do you miss this kind of gaming? Let us know in the comments!

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