‘The Last of Us’ Film to Slightly Differ from Game, Plus a Teaser Poster

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A few weeks ago at San Diego Comic Con, Sam Raimi popped up at a panel to announce that he would be producing a film (via his company Ghosthouse) adaptation of the hit PS3 game The Last of Us, with developer Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann, who is writing the film. However, given that there is nearly 15-20 hours to cover, some things will have to be changed or cut. Neil recently spoke with MCV about writing the film.

“In two hours you can’t tell the same kind of story that you can in a game like The Last of Us, which is 15 hours.”

“I’m in the middle of it now, and it’s been super difficult because there’s so much that happens in The Last of Us – even just in the cinematics – that can’t fit in a film, let alone all the gameplay in-between and dialogue.”

So even though some elements are going to differ, he goes on to say that the relationship between Joel and Ellie is the most important part of the film.

“It almost has this novel quality as far as how much content there is and a film works really well when it’s laser-focused, so the first part of it was like: well, what is this story really about? It’s clearly about Joel and Ellie. What are the most important beats that we can’t lose? Start with those, and cut everything else out. It’s been really difficult to cut certain things out, but what I’m starting to get this is really focused narrative that’s about these two characters. Some parts will be similar to the game and some parts will be quite different, but it’s kind of interesting in helping me understand this other medium and its strengths compared to video games.”

At this point, there still is no director or confirmed cast (hey, it’s only been a few weeks), but Sony Pictures recently tweeted this teaser poster.