‘The Last of Us’ Animator Tal Peleg Releases ‘Dante’s Redemption: Act 1’

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Released by Visceral Games (closed as of October 2017), best known for the Dead Space series, their game  Dante’s Inferno is an action-oriented take on the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, detailing Dante as a guilt-ridden Crusader who slaughters the Grim Reaper to escape death, return home, and save his wife from Lucifer’s clutches. The game has you eviscerate your way through the eight circles of Hell, featuring some of the vilest, grotesque, and amazing monster designs in any action and horror game to date, especially Cerberus the Gluttonous worm.

Dante's Redemption

Image via Tal Peleg’s YouTube

The game received adequate to warm appraise from critics but was solidified in gaming history more as a cult classic. It’s not objectively certain whether this had to do with a reliance of some previous knowledge on the Divine Comedy or the obvious uninspired influence from God of War‘s combat prompts and mechanics; however, the title gained enough traction to obtain an anime film, Dante voiced by Castlevania’s Dracula himself, Graham McTavish. Although, one animator wanted to make his own tribute to the hyper-violent hack and slash game, and just released it to his YouTube channel.

Tal Peleg, known for his animation work on Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, The Last of Us, and his work on Mass Effect: Andromeda, unveiled his long-awaited fan project for Dante’s Inferno that’s been roughly 4 years in the making: Dante’s Redemption Act I. The production quality for this first act is something else entirely, especially since the action scenes flow superbly while illustrating Peleg’s admiration and desire to recreate Dante’s Inferno‘s strongest asset: the combat.

Dante's Rdemption

Image via Tal Peleg’s YouTube

Even if the game emulated similar mechanics from the God of War series, it was still able to build on the template and construct both a combat and leveling system fitting to the theme and design of Dante’s Inferno. Peleg’s animation follows up from his previous short’s plot, continuing the story based around Dante’s killing spree through Hell to rescue Beatrice.

The video is posted below, but you should absolutely go subscribe, like the video, and keep an eye out for Act II. Make sure you watch until the very end because you will not be expecting what Dante comes across (or I should say WHO Dante comes across).

Speaking of Hell, demons, Castlevania/Graham McTavish, and Dante, Devil May Cry has been confirmed to receive an animated adaptation by non-other than Castlevania‘s showrunner Ari Shankar. You can check out further details in our article, and make sure you tell us what you think of the Dante’s Inferno animation along with thoughts on the Devil May Cry animated series announcement!

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