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‘The Invisible Man’ Has Made $108 million Against $7 Million Budget

by Trey Hilburn III

Blumhouse’s The Invisible Man has done something that nobody could have seen coming. Get it? A little invisible humor there for all the dads out there. All dad jokes aside, it’s true that The Invisible Man has become a behemoth for Blumhouse.

The film’s relatively modest budget of $7 million has taken home a box office score of $108 million. That’s a substantial win for the Universal Monsters based film.

After 2017’s The Mummy failed at the box office, it also failed in the larger plans of launching a Dark Universe. This would have seen each of the Universal Monsters rebooted and re-imagined.

With the tremendous success of The Invisible Man, it’s basically a green light to get the rest of the monsters rebooted and re imagined. In fact Recently, news broke that director Karyn Kusama would take over Dracula for Blumhouse. So, it looks like an expanded universe might already be on its way.

The synopsis for The Invisible Man goes like this:

After staging his own suicide, a crazed scientist uses his power to become invisible to stalk and terrorize his ex-girlfriend. When the police refuse to believe her story, she decides to take matters into her own hands and fight back.

Out of the Universal Monsters who would you like to see Blumhouse tackle after Dracula?

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