The Hype Train Keeps Rolling as ‘Mandy’ is Developed into Retro-Styled Video Game

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Is anyone sick of hearing about the gory burst of hallucinogenic insanity that is Panos Cosmatos’ Mandy yet? Well too bad! It’s here to stay, and the hype around this mindblowing film is still as strong as ever.

Game developer Abel Alves revealed to Twitter recently that he’s working on an 8-bit retro-styled video game for the film, complete with the Cheddar Goblin scene that’s been taking the horror world by storm. There’s no word as to whether or not any studios have picked up the game or it’s simply going to be released as a true indie title.

In fact, details on everything surrounding this game are sparse besides the simple fact that Alves is working on it, but that only makes it more exciting. This is being done out of passion and love – what could be purer? Well, something without so much violence of course, but that’s neither here nor there.

I think the true power of this film is revealed in the fact that so many people have been inspired by its stunning visuals and abstract vibe; there are so many fan creations being spawned from this film that its hard to list them all. It’s like when Stranger Things was first released, but on a smaller, more niche scale.

Oh, and that Cheddar Goblin part of the game? Here’s a glimpse.

Whether you liked the film or not, you can’t deny that Mandy is already a cult classic. The fans have spoken and decided that Panos Cosmatos’ otherworldly burst of bizarre violence is going to have some serious lasting power in the horror community.

If you’re not on the hype train yet, you will be soon. Mark my words.

Would you play it? Or are you sick of hearing about this Mandy?