It’s time to load up the RV with your favorite snacks, beer, and your four best friends because we’re road tripping again in The Houses October Built 2!  This time the crew in The Houses October Built 2 aren’t limiting themselves to extreme haunted houses, but also exploring other Halloween attractions to celebrate the witching season.  That’s right, the crew from Houses October Built are back for more!

Having survived the catastrophic events one year prior at the hands of the Blue Skeleton, reportedly the most extreme haunt in the industry, the group of five friends instantly gain celebrity status once their filmed experience goes viral.  Brandy, in particular, the only female of the group, is catapulted to the top of the group’s fame as she is given the name ‘Coffin Girl’ by 24 million viewers online.  However, unlike her male counterparts, she wants nothing to do with the fame nor their plan to capitalize on it.

Having survived their horrifying experience has seriously messed with Brandy’s head and has left some very deep scars.  She continues to live out her existence but prefers to do so quietly.  She even dyes her black hair blonde to physically separate herself from the girl the internet knows her as, and to put as much distance between herself and ‘Coffin Girl’ as possible.

Seeing the dollar signs their survival experience has created, the men want to cash in on their newfound opportunity.  However, there is one snag; the Halloween events and haunts that are paying for them to visit and review their attractions on social media don’t want just them, they want Brandy.  Without Coffin Girl the group’s fan appeal plummets, as does the money that accompanies it.  They desperately try to bring an apprehensive Brandy on board with the allure of money, fame, and a good time that doesn’t involve extreme haunts.  They promise it will be different this time.  Will she take the bait and join them for a second unpredictable round on the road, or will she let the fear that stalks her win?

Director and writer Bobby Roe knew he couldn’t go back to the well by having the cast visit the same type of attractions known as ‘extreme haunts’ which he explored in his first movie, so the group of friends widens their net.  While I don’t want to spoil all of their destinations I feel very confident in saying Halloween aficionados will certainly appreciate the sights they see on their tour!  The Zombie Pub Crawl is by far one of my favorite events on their list.  However, the adult themed haunted attraction with the promise of seeing laser tits is a very close second! Let me say that again, #LaserTits!

Roe was also very smart in his choice for why these friends are hitting the road again.  The appeal of fame and money is hard to resist, and to intertwine the social media aspect that not only lead to their initial fame but also sponsors their new adventure is genius.

There were many times I felt removed from the horror movie aspect of the film and wished I was in that RV traveling the roads with this crew.  That’s not to say Roe didn’t know what type of movie he was making, just the opposite in fact.  While it begins as a buddy road trip Roe never lets you forget this is a horror movie, and throughout the film, he peppers in moments that remind you this is still a horror movie.  This building technique is masterful and sets you up for a finale that is so off the wall crazy that it will blow your mind!

One of the things I absolutely love about these movies, this sequel, in particular, is that these five actors seem like real life friends.  Their ease and natural flow of dialogue could have easily been improved while hitting their plot points.  That is a compliment not just to the actors and their acting style, but also to the script.  This Scooby Gang is so believable, and even more importantly likable, which is very rare for a horror movie these days.  Usually, horror movie characters are just bodies for the pile, but I wanted to crack open a beer with these cool cats and chill.

The approach Roe takes in spending the time to make you feel like a sixth friend on board this trip is what separates him from the other horror movie directors and writers out there.  He doesn’t try to beat the clock and fill it with cheap scares and excessive gore, he lets it develop organically.  Like a fine wine, he lets the movie breathe so you can fully enjoy the horror once it hits your palette.

Cast and script aside, Roe’s growth as a writer and director is very apparent in The Houses October Built 2.  While the first Houses is an enjoyable good time that merits a re-watch, Houses 2 opened up a new world for the young director.  Roe explored new avenues in filming and editing that were initially untapped in his first movie, presumably due to a smaller budget and less experience under his belt.  These factors no longer restrain him any longer.

Aerial shots, haunting music, and beautiful locations including day shots all captured a new feel that still belongs in the world Roe created with the initial film.  He took what he learned in making the first movie and was very smart in applying these new techniques to The Houses October Built 2.

The last thing I want to do is spoil the movie for all of your horror hounds out there, but I must say the ending is monumental!  The Houses October Built 2 is one of the most sophisticated, scary, intelligent, and fun horror movies of the year and is guaranteed to stay with you long after viewing.

Watch the trailer for The Houses October Built 2 below!  Soon to be released on September 22, 2017!