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‘The Haunting of Molly Hartley’ Getting a Sequel

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In one of the most inexplicable announcements in recent horror history, Bloody Disgusting is reporting that a sequel to 2008 theatrical misfire The Haunting of Molly Hartley is in the early stages of development.

Scoring an alarmingly low 3% on Rotten Tomatoes, Molly Hartley holds the distinction of being one of the worst reviewed wide-release horror films in the last ten years. Commercially, it did only somewhat better, making a mere $15 million worldwide, despite being played in over 2,000 theaters in the U.S. alone.

While the film’s relatively tiny production budget of $5 million means that Molly Hartley was at least mildly profitable in theaters, the film was generally seen as a failure, and was shunned by the majority of the horror community.

Unfortunately, in a world where seven sequels were made to The Amityville Horror, quality concerns come in a distant second to the almighty dollar. Thus explaining why Fox Home Entertainment is currently prepping a Molly Hartley sequel, with plans to release it direct to video-on-demand.

The plot apparently concerns Molly finding all her friends dead after a night of wild partying. She’s sent to a mental ward for observation, where it is revealed that she is possessed by a demon. An ex-priest – who also happens to be an inmate himself – sets out to help her. Not to spoil the ending of the first film, but that synopsis doesn’t even make sense as a logical continuation of where Molly’s story left off.

Directing duties are being handed to Steven R. Monroe, helmer of the 2010 remake of I Spit on Your Grave. Monroe has directed some decent films, but whatever talent he has likely won’t be able to overcome screenwriter Matt Venne. Venne has penned some absolutely awful direct-to-video sequels already, including White Noise 2, Fright Night 2, and Mirrors 2. He’s also writing WWE Films’ upcoming reboot Leprechaun: Origins.

In other words, horror fans are advised to proceed into this one with caution. Unless you actually liked the first film, in which case, go nuts.

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