Oh, boy! We kinda lost our minds from the tease HORIZON ZERO DAWN gave at last years E3. This game looks to encompass a lot of awesomeness and is already looking like a contender for game-of-the-year. I know, I know it’s early to be calling that, but come on guys. Get a look at this thing!

The story follows Aloy, a hunter who has been sheltered from the world outside of her tribe. Humanity lives in small pockets that spend their time hunting and gathering in a post-apocalyptic world filled with mechanical beasts. When Aloy’s people are suddenly attacked by a rival tribe, Aloy heads out into the wild to find the the people responsible. Along the way, Aloy discovers the same evil forces are raising these monstrous ancient machines and using them to take control of what is left of the world.

This game looks amazing. The aesthetics are hauntingly beautiful with elements of the prehistoric and of the futuristic.

The varied-open world is gorgeous and looks to contain a ton of side missions, a lot of great RPG elements and a variety of cool weapons.

It is the mechanical creatures that roam the world, that are really grabbing my attention. These beasts are mesmerizing in design. From the gameplay we have seen, the creatures are both friend and foe and can be hunted, trapped and even tamed.

We pulled a couple of images of some of our favorite HORIZON ZERO DAWN creatures and put em together here for you guys to take a gander at. Be sure to check out the trailer and let us know what you guys think!

Horizon Zero Dawn hits shelves on Feb. 28 on Playstation 4.