Everyone loves to travel. We love to experience new places, new cultures and beautiful buildings. But there is another side of travel that some people, me included, appreciate. Out of the norm, out of the box and out of this world; I’m talking about being a haunted traveler. And today we’re taking a look at haunted Hong Kong.

A haunted traveler is someone who visits certain cities strictly for the paranormal places that exist there. It’s like visiting New Jersey for the Jersey Devil. Every month I will bring you a new city and the haunts and cryptids that live there.

This month and for the first city in our travels, we’re delving deep into haunted Hong Kong. I was lucky enough to sit down with some life-long Hong Kong natives to go over the scariest places on the island and the experiences people have there.

Tat Tak School, Yuen Long

Haunted Hong Kong
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Widely considered one of the most haunted places in Hong Kong, this abandoned school is located right next to a cemetery. Although it hasn’t been in use for decades, those that travel near the school still have encounters. The most commonly seen is the “Red Lady,” a woman who hung herself in the girls’ bathroom while wearing all red.

Chinese superstition states that if you die wearing all red, you will return as a powerful and vengeful spirit. A story goes that while the school was still functioning, a young girl seeming possessed, attacked her fellow students and tried to bite them and then attempted to hang herself.

The Dragon Lodge (Lung Lo) 32 Lugard Rd, The Peak

Haunted Hong Kong
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Whether it be the owner dying in the home, possible Japanese occupation during WWII, or nun decapitation, this place is known for its creepiness. Past restoration of the lodge has long since been abandoned and it sits vacant. The view from the grounds is gorgeous but inside it’s a different story. Many claim to hear the sounds of children crying on the premises.

Murray House, Stanley

Haunted Hong Kong
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This colonial style mansion is one of the oldest and one of the many remnants of British occupation in Hong Kong. Originally located in Central District, it was moved brick by brick to Stanley after being named an historic building. While being used as a government building in the 60’s and 70’s, past employees used to hear the sounds of typing late into the night, even when they were the only ones there.

They felt so uncomfortable and has so many experiences that the building has been subjected to two separate exorcisms, one in 1963 and the other in 1974 and was the first televised exorcism. The government even gave permission for this to occur in its building. Like many of the other haunted locations throughout Hong Kong, this building was used during Japanese occupation in WWII as a command post and a place of executions  for Chinese citizens.

Granville Rd 31, Tsim Sha Tsui

Haunted Hong Kong
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This particular apartment is known throughout Hong Kong due to a grisly discovery in 1999. Called the Hello Kitty Murder, a young nightclub hostess named Fan Man-Yee was kept and tortured for a month in the home before being dismembered and her head found inside of a mermaid Hello Kitty doll. Many of the shops nearby find images on their CCTV of a young woman wondering in the shops long after close. After tenants refused to live in the building, the apartment building was demolished and a hotel built over it.

High Street Community Center, Sai Ying Pun District

Haunted Hong Kong
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This community center was a mental hospital in its former life, leading those who have had experience to not only believe there are ghosts of the insane. During the Japanese occupation, the building was used as an interrogation center for Chinese citizens who were then taken to the King George V park across the street for execution.

After being abandoned in the 70’s and making it through two fires, most of the building was torn down and rebuilt as a community center, but pieces of the original building remain.

Many claim to hear women screaming in the community center and see balls of fire. Interesting fact: High Street is actually 4th street but due to the fact that four (say in Cantonese) sounds like the word death with the slightest tonal change. Therefore, the street was renamed.

Ghost Bridge (Mang Gui Kiu/Hung Sui Kiu), Tsung Tsai Yuen

Haunted Hong Kong
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On August 28th1955, a teacher and her students from the nearby St. James Primary School were having a picnic when a storm came. Seeking protection under the bridge from the storm, the teacher and students didn’t know where they were standing was used a drainage ditch during heavy rain. A flash flood occured and killed 28 people.

Haunted Hong Kong
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A few survived the flooding under the bridge but most on the picnic perished. Bus drivers say that they often pick up phantom passengers or find that when their last ride is nearby that a passenger will just appear in the bus.

Don’t go away yet. There’s more haunted Hong Kong on the next page.