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The Haunted Traveler: Haunted Brazil

by D.D. Crowley

Last month, we traveled to the southern United States to explore some of the most haunted locations in New Orleans. We walked along the French Quarter and traversed the above-ground cemeteries, but we must move on. This month we are making our way south of the equator to explore haunted Brazil.

Instead of picking one city in haunted Brazil, we will be looking in on the three major cities: the capital Brasília, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo (with some smaller cities and towns thrown in for posterity). Let’s jump right in!

Brasília City Hall- Brasília

Haunted Brazil

Evening skyline of Brasília

This building once functioned as a morgue for the city. It has since been turned into a government building. The location also experienced a fire, which killed several employees that were trapped in the building at the time.

Those who work here experience poltergeist-like activity with objects being moved, cabinet doors moving on their own and doors shutting.

Dream Beach- Cumbuco

Haunted Brazil

Image courtesy of brazildirect,org

This beautiful stretch of beach in haunted Brazil is popular with tourists…unfortunately, it is also home to a legend of a doomed couple. While walking along the beach at night, the couple decided to walk along the rocks on the shoreline, a popular place for people during the day. While star gazing, a wave hit the couple, washing them both out to sea. Their bodies were never found.

Some who visit this beach see a couple walking out of the ocean, with their bodies wet and decaying. Others hear unnatural noises and screams coming from the empty beach.

Museu Imperial de Petrópolis (The Petrópolis Museum)- Petrópolis

Haunted Brazil

Image credit: raredelights.com

Deep in the city lies The Imperial Museum of Brazil. The museum was built in 1845 by Emperor Dom Pedro II as one of his palaces. The palace itself is part of the museum with changing art exhibits inside.

It is said that the emperor still roams the grounds near the garden, as guards claim to see him.

The next two involve experiences that happen on two separate roads through haunted Brazil.

The Road to Petrópolis from Rio de Janeiro

Haunted Brazil

A road connecting Petrópolis to Rio de Janeiro. Unknown if it is the same road.

On this stretch of road, drivers will see a blonde woman asking for help. When the drivers ask her what is wrong, she points toward the bottom of the hill on which the road resides. When the drivers look where she points, they see an overturned car with either a body lying next to it, or the blonde woman trying to see the person inside. Upon further inspection, the driver will notice the victim of the crash is the same woman and she has since disappeared from the road. When the driver looks back to the car, both the victim and the car are gone.

Stories like that are the fruit borne from the seeds of urban legends. Countries all over the world house at least one road where a mysterious woman asks for help and then vanishes into the night.

The Road to Victoria- Campos

Haunted Brazil

Image credit: scaresource.com

With a large expansion for transportation in the 70’s and the road construction causing lots of new travelers, accidents on the road became commonplace. It was then that drivers started to see groups of people come from nowhere and start traversing across the road at night.

Needless to say, the drivers become more cautious and frightened as they drove.

The Grande Hotel- Cambuquira

Haunted Brazil

Image credit: vimeo.com

This location was featured on S1E16 of Ghost Hunters International. The hotel was built around 1920 by a German woman. The town itself is said to be cursed by a priest that was exiled from it. He cursed to town to forever be in ruins.

Visitors and employees see full-body apparitions, hear disembodied voices, and they hear bangs and footsteps. GHI was able to collect some evidence of the claims. You can see the evidence they captured below.

Castelinho da Rua Apa (The Little Castle)- São Paulo

Haunted Brazil

Image credit: sãopauloantiga.com

Another location investigated by Ghost Hunters International during the Grande Hotel episode, The Little Castle has a grisly history. Sometimes nicknamed “the Murder Castle of Rua Apa” this location became the site of a triple homicide.

The castle was built in 1912 by Dr. Virgílio Cezar dos Reis for his wife Maria Candida Guimarães dos Reis. It was designed to look like a Medieval castle in the middle of the city. After Dr. Virgílio passed away, his two sons took over the business. One day, Maria and her two sons were found dead in the home, all shot to death.Maria Candida Guimaraes dos Reis

The official investigation stated that the sons, Alvaro and Armando, got into an argument, Maria tried to intervene getting shot in the process by Alvaro. He then shot his brother and turned the gun on himself. The case was closed but the story barely holds water due to multiple types of bullets and everyone was shot multiple times.

The castle has since fallen into disrepair but was named an historical landmark. Those walking by the castle on the anniversary of the deaths of Maria and her sons hear screaming from inside the home. A director shooting a movie there is said to have been victim of a strange accident as well, although there are no details.

I hope everyone enjoyed haunted Brazil: an historical place with gorgeous scenery and plentiful spirits. Check out last month’s travels before you go and if there is a place you would like to see visited, let us know in the comments.

(Featured image courtesy spcity.com.br)

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