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The Godzilla Museum is Now Open, Watch Visitors Zip-Line Into the Giant Kaiju’s Mouth

by Trey Hilburn III

Last year we shared the very awesome news that a Godzilla Museum was being constructed. Not only would the attraction have themed foods, games and a complete history of the Kaiju king, but it would also have a section where you zip-line into Godzilla’s gaping mouth!


(Photo: Viral Press)

The 6-minute video on Viral Press’ YouTube channel takes you on a complete tour of the entire attraction. It begins with aerial drone footage of the entire Museum’s grounds located in Hyogo, Japan with an incredible view of the gigantic kaiju. The 75-foot replica is connected by a 400 foot zip-line, which visitors use to zip into and through the replica. Viral Press does a great job of capturing the entire experience. While zip-lining toward ‘Zilla  you can hear sound effects as well as lights that imitate Godzilla charging up for his trademark atomic breath.

The Museum also immerses you in the experience by placing you in the role of a scientist assisting Godzilla. The interactive game eventually has you performing tasks to assist and study the big guy. There is also an opportunity to use a gun to shoot at bad kaiju and to dodge attacks.

There is a lot of action throughout the visit, but the remarkable history of Godzilla is almost more breathtaking than the zip-lining section. In this area you can read about the history of the big guy and explore miniatures and models. It’s truly mindblowing.

I need to visit the Godzilla Museum in my life at some point. It’s incredible and a must for a Godzilla fan. The attraction is now open, if you are in the area or are planning on being in the area you can pick up your tickets here.

Are you dying to go as bad as we are? Let us know in the comments section.

(Video: Viral Press)

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