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‘The Forever Purge’ Receives a Release Date to Purge the Heck Out of Us

by Trey Hilburn III

In the everlasting game of shuffle the release date that has gone on almost perpetually, The Forever Purge finally has a release date.

Usually, we see The Purge landing  around July 4th to remind us all of our beautiful country and the freedoms we have been provided from the 1 percent. This time around we are getting the film the closest it has ever been with a July 2 release date in theaters.

The synopsis provided for The Forever Purge goes like this:

“Following the presidential elections from the last year and abolition of the Purge, a Mexican couple escaping from a drug cartel is stranded on a Texas ranch. There, they will be at the mercy of a group of outsiders who decide to unlawfully continue their own Purge, and turn against the couple and kill them.”


Sounds exciting, considering there hasn’t been one Purge film that hasn’t been blast of a barrel of anarchistic, murderous monkeys. Seriously, the Blumhouse films have all be major fun and it will be a nice place to go back to as we step out of our COVID-19 hiding holes.

Will you be heading out to watch The Forever Purge? Let us know in the comments section.

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