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One of the great things about the internet, and social media in particular, is that it can be used for a whole lot of good, and there’s no better recent example of that than the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge,’ which has been absolutely sweeping the nation this week.

The basic idea is that you fill a bucket with freezing cold water and dump it on your head, and the challenge was created as a way to spread awareness about the deadly disease ALS – more commonly known as ‘Lou Gehrig’s Disease.’

Those who get involved are encouraged to donate money to the ALS Association, and several million dollars have already been raised by both celebrities and everyday folks.

In addition to being a good cause, the Ice Bucket Challenge has also proven to be a whole lot of fun, as participants have set out to film the most creative videos they can think of. To date, nobody has done it better than the Foo Fighters, who just put a Carrie-inspired twist on the challenge.

Check out their contribution to the challenge below, which is going to be very hard to top!

[youtube id=”XLZOjLv0_6k”]

In case you’re wondering, Stephen King accepted Dave Grohl’s challenge, so be sure to also give that a watch below!

[youtube id=”XO7lFV2e-xA”]