‘The Purge’ Unveils Prequel Poster With a Familiar Looking Hat

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The Purge franchise has become something of a breakout hit to come from Blumhouse Studios. The plot hinging on a simple and all-too terrifying idea: that every year, for 12 hours, all laws are lifted and the people are free to loot, maim, and murder to their heart’s content. The first film starring Ethan Hawk kept things limited, with the following movies starring Frank Grillo, Anarchy and Election Year exploring just how depraved and corrupt the American government and public has become since being controlled by the authoritarian ‘New Founding Fathers of America.’ Now, the series intends to show how this proud national tradition began with The First Purge.

The series hasn’t shied away from political controversy before, with Election in particular basing itself around the 2016 Election and parodying the Trump campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” with The Purge slogan becoming “Keep America Great.” A slogan so good that Trump said he wanted to use it in his 2020 campaign! And keeping with the times, a new poster has been released for The First Purge in a way that is simultaneously minimal and as heavy as a sledgehammer.

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The red hat. The font. Very familiar, don’t you think? As well, a teaser trailer has been released online that seems like it could be for any political advertisement… before revealing it to be an endorsement for the first Purge ever. It’s also probably not a coincidence that the announcement came the day of The State Of The Union address.

According to the official website, thefirstpurge.com

“Behind every tradition lies a revolution. Next Independence Day, witness the rise of our country’s 12 hours of annual lawlessness. Welcome to the movement that began as a simple experiment: The First Purge.

To push the crime rate below one percent for the rest of the year, the New Founding Fathers of America (NFFA) test a sociological theory that vents aggression for one night in one isolated community. But when the violence of oppressors meets the rage of the marginalized, the contagion will explode from the trial-city borders and spread across the nation.”

Franchise creator James DeMonaco (The Purge Election Year/Anarchy) will be writing the script while Gerard McMurray (Burning Sands) directs. The cast includes Y’Lan Noel, Lex Scott Davis, Luna Lauren Valez, and Marisa Tomei.

The movie drops on July 4th, 2018. The perfect time to celebrate our nation and keep The Purge going!

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