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Universal Pictures Home Entertainment has announced that The First Purge will be available on Digital on September 18.  The First Purge will be available on Blu-Ray, DVD, On Demand, and 4K Ultra HD on October 2.

The First Purge bonus features on Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital, and 4K Ultra HD:

  • Deleted Scene.
  • A Radical Experiment – The cast members and filmmakers discuss how The First Purge expands on the themes of the franchise, making them more culturally-relevant than ever before.
  • Bringing the Chaos – Violence is inescapable in The First Purge. This featurette explores the elements that ramped up the action in The First Purge and made this film the most intense installment in the Purge film series so far.
  • The Masks of the First Purge – A good disguise is a key part of a successful Purge night. This featurette takes a look at how the masks in the film added to the terror of The First Purge.

The Purge 4-Movie Collection will also be available on Digital on September 18 and on Blu-Ray and DVD on October 2.  The story of the Purge will continue this fall on the big screen with USA Network’s ten-episode television series, The Purge, which will premiere on September 4.

The Purge television series follows several seemingly unrelated characters living in a small city.  Tying them all together is a mysterious savior who’s impeccably-equipped for everything that Purge night throws at them.

Released theatrically on July 4, 2018, The First Purge, the fourth chapter in the Purge film series, made approximately $125 Million at the worldwide box office.  The First Purge was directed by Gerard McMurray and written by franchise creator James DeMonaco, who directed the previous three films in the series.  The First Purge starred Marisa Tomei as Dr. Updale, AKA The Architect, the behavioral-psychologist who conceived of the Purge concept

Click here to read an interview with DeMonaco.  Click here to read an interview with McMurray.

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