The Exorcist: Legion VR

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Get ready to immerse yourself inside The Exorcist. Fun Train and Wolf & Wood are bringing the popular franchise to your headset in a five-part series.

Titled The Exorcist: Legion VR, it is based on the events in Exocrcist III.

It is a stand-alone story with a unique plot not seen in any of the franchise entries.

“This franchise deserves to be done right and the only way to have a truly definitive experience for such a story is in virtual reality,” said Douglas Nabors, CEO of Fun Train. “Playing a non-VR horror game is one thing when you’re safely behind a monitor. But, when you’re living the horror up close and personal, The Exorcist: Legion VR will resonate with you for years to come.”

Chapter 1: First Rites and Chapter 2: Idle Hands are scheduled out November 22, with the rest following soon after. First Rites will launch at $3.99 for the first week during Black Friday.”

Here’s the official synopsis:

“The Legion has come! A variety of demons have returned to our world just as Pazuzu (the main demon from The Exorcist franchise) promised. Follow in the shoes of a detective in Chapter 1 as they uncover strange details behind the grisly murder of a priest. Each subsequent Chapter takes the player further in the journey as they assume the role of a detective investigating the demonic entities lurking in the shadows, culminating in a satisfying ending for any fan of the franchise.”

Chapter 1 and 2 will be out for PCs concurrently on November 22nd on Oculus Store and SteamVR, with a later release on Viveport and Playstation Network Store.

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