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Whether you’re looking at the major broadcast networks, cable, or even online streaming, there has clearly never been a better time to be a horror-loving TV viewer. Shows with monsters, madmen, or general supernatural themes dot the small-screen landscape, and The CW network is no different. Today, the little station that could revealed fall premiere dates for several of its most horrific offerings, and we’ve got the lowdown.

First up, Supernatural – a series that’s actually been on the air longer than The CW has existed – will begin its 11th(!) season on Wednesday, October 7th at 9pm. SPN is being reunited with its former lead-in, DC comic superhero drama Arrow. The two served as a formidable team for The CW in the past, and likely will again this fall. Supernatural season ten ended with Sam and Dean in a pretty tough spot, so here’s hoping the writing staff can come up with a satisfactory way to resolve things.

I Think I'm Gonna Like it Here

Next, season two of The CW’s hit zombie dramedy iZombie will debut the day before SPN, on Tuesday, October 6th. Fittingly, iZombie is being paired up with Arrow spin-off The Flash. Never let it be said that The CW doesn’t recognize a good programming strategy when they see it.

Finally, long-running vampire melodrama The Vampire Diaries will be partnered up with its own spin-off, The Originals on Thursday, October 8th. One wonders why it took the network this long to think of putting together that particular combo. Although it’ll be hard to avoid the terrible puns about how Thursdays on The CW are now guaranteed to suck. See, there was one now.