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The Crow Remake May Not Be As Dead As We Thought

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Just when we thought we weren’t going to hear anything else pertaining to this reboot for a while, or ever..  News sprung up this morning one month after reported star Luke Evans left the project. Leaving the slot open to the next lucky (or unlucky given the history of the film) actor to take the lead as Eric Draven.




Deadline reported the news first hand that Boardwalk Empire star Jack Houston has been slated to take over the role of the beloved cult comic character. Houston is currently working on the modern day movie version of Ben-Hur, taking the lead role in the movie as well.  Not to mention the very much highly anticipated Pride, Prejudice, And Zombies.


The so called “Crow Remake” has long been in developmental hell for years. The studios just can’t seem to get it together what with the massive turnover of directors and actors the film-to-be has gone through. Much like Eric Draven himself, this movie just refuses to die. Sources from the studios claim they will start filming in the Spring with Corin Hardy in the director’s chair and a script written by Cliff Dorfman. Whether or not we have our set lead remains to be seen, as time has told us. In the meantime, let us sit back and wait to see if The Crow will fly once again.

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