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‘The Crow’ Remake Enters Production Next Spring

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Well, we all knew it would happen eventually, and now it seems like it’s finally coming to pass: The Crow is getting remade. Of course, the idea of remaking The Crow is hardly new, and various script ideas have tried and failed to make it out of development hell in the past decade. That was until last year, which finally brought an official announcement that a Crow remake was happening. A few months later, Luke Evans (Dracula Untold) reportedly signed on to play rock guitarist turned undead vigilante Eric Draven. Then, things got pretty quiet for about a year.

That all brings us to this weekend. The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Crow producer Ed Pressman during the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, and inquired about the status of the high profile project. Pressman assuaged any fears some might have had about the film slipping back into development hell, and confirmed that The Crow’s remake will start shooting in the spring of 2015.


However, Pressman asserted that Evans is not yet a lock for the Eric Draven role, and that final casting decisions have yet to be made. This could of course just be Hollywood speak for “we just haven’t dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s”, as Evans certainly seemed to think the role was his during several interviews he’s given about the film in the last year.

If he indeed ends up being cast, Evans will definitely have a tall mountain to climb, as the shadow of the late Brandon Lee looms large over the Crow franchise. That said, it’s been two decades since Lee brought Draven to life, and The Crow is a character with tons of unrealized potential for further adventures. After all, it’s not like any of the Crow sequels were very memorable. Here’s hoping Eric Draven soon becomes an icon to a brand new generation.

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