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‘The Crow’ Remake Back on Ice, For Now

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There are few better recent examples of the perils of development hell than the endlessly gestating remake of The Crow. For almost a decade now, various directors, studios, and stars have been attached, only to jump ship before the troubled re-do was ever able to enter production. Well, in news that should surprise absolutely no one, The Crow remake is once again back on ice, at least for now.

The Crow

According to Screen Daily, pre-production on The Crow remake has been suspended indefinitely, mere months after it began. The primary cause for this is said to be recent bankruptcy filings by Relativity Studios, the main financial backer of the project. Crew at the new Pinewood Studios complex in Cardiff, Wales has been told to await further instruction as to when or if the film will resume pre-production, which has to be a big disappointment to those expecting to draw paychecks going forward.

Of course, if and when pre-production on The Crow remake recommences, producers will still need to find a new actor to portray the titular character. Most recently attached star Jack Huston withdrew from the project back in June, reportedly due to scheduling issues. Previous star Luke Evans also bolted from the project earlier this year, due to the endless delays in getting the film going.

At this point, one wonders whether Relativity should just completely scrap the idea of remaking The Crow. If there is indeed such a thing as a cursed production, this film seems like a good candidate.


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