Close to two years ago, it was revealed that a previously reported remake of The Craft was in fact set to serve as a sequel, taking place decades later within the same universe.

Unfortunately, the last update of any consequence that fans have gotten on the project came back in May 2017. That piece of news said that writer Daniel Casey was being brought on to rewrite the script by director Leigh Janiak.

Recently, a fan asked Casey on Twitter if there were any updates he could share about The Craft sequel. Casey didn’t say much, but he did confirm that he turned his rewrite of the script in to producers in late 2017, and says the ball is now in their court.

The good news is that it looks like The Craft sequel is still happening. The bad news is that fans still don’t have much info on where the project is progress-wise.

Personally, I’d be all for returning to the world of The Craft. I’ve loved the original since I first saw it as a teenager, and while it remains to be seen if any original actors will return, as long as the spirit remains it would be enough to interest me.

Judging by the buzz and wonder that has surrounded the sequel since it was confirmed, I doubt that I’m the only one hoping for another dose of The Craft. iHorror will keep you updated if and when we learn more.